Elon Musk says Donald Trump 'calls him out of the blue' as he reveals what he told him


 Elon Musk might be swaying Donald Trump's opinions on electric vehicles during their sporadic phone chats, as hinted by the Tesla boss at the company's annual general meeting. After shareholders voted to keep his hefty pay deal, Musk alluded to his influence over Trump during a Q&A session.

When quizzed about the 2024 Republican front-runner, Musk was asked, "Donald Trump has been a big critic of electric vehicles, but last week, he surprised us by saying he's a big fan of Tesla and a big fan of you," which drew applause from the audience. "What did you tell him?"

Despite Trump's history of criticizing EVs as inefficient and detrimental to US auto workers, and his pledge to dismantle Joe Biden's EV initiatives while cautioning of an economic disaster if the shift to EVs goes ahead, he seemed to change his stance at a rally in Arizona, declaring himself a "big fan of electric cars,".


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